Welcome to the Green Designing Blog

Hi everyone!

I created this blog for designers to become more educated on how they affect the planet and learn ways they can reduce their carbon footprint, in their personal and professional lives.

I’m currently studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.  I became interested in a “green lifestyle” after I did an assignment on climate change, which made me aware of our pollutions and the causes and effects it’s having on our Earth. The EPA.gov is a great, trusted site to check out all the facts on climate change.

I found a website today, with tons of great information for designers on our pollution and what we can do to make the world a more Eco-friendly place.
Here’s the website’s main page or if you want to skip all the general information and go straight to the designers section, click on the Change tab at the bottom. Here’s another link for all my Full Sailors and other design students, explaining why sustainability is important to us.

I know if we all do a little, it will make a BIG difference!