Minimal Packaging Designs

Have you ever noticed how much packaging you have to remove before you get to a product?? The most over packaged things are usually hygienic products or products being shipped through the mail. For example, women’s feminine products are already individually wrapped. I don’t need to have a sealed box that’s plastic wrapped on top of products that are already wrapped in plastic to begin with. That’s just too much.

We need simpler packaging! LESS = MORE

If we all get together and buy products that are only packaged in recyclable material, then we can motivate the industry to use more environmental-friendly materials. If their isn’t a product packaged in recycled material, then picking the least packaged item would be the next best choice.

This website has some great designs that are Eco-friendly, like this product called the Lee Paper Bag. After you finish using it to carry your things home, you can reuse it again, or break it down and have all kinds of goodies: such as a ruler, a game board, and a calender to name a few.

Lee Paper Bag, reusable shopping bag

a reusable shopping bag made of recyclable paper


Here’s a video about an all-natural, Styrofoam alternative called the EcoCradle. It’s made of seed husks and mushroom roots. It can be made into any shape and size, except smaller than an inch. The material can be composed or put into a garden, and will be broken down within a month or two. There are also some other alternatives to packaging materials.


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