The Power of Designers

“We are all custodians of the land, and we all share the responsibility of keeping her alive” Uncle Max “Duramunmun” Harrison, Yuin Elder, Educator.

As designers we have a lot of power in helping the environment. We use a lot of paper, which is bad for the environment, but we can choose to use better paper to have less of a bad impact on our world. We have the power to peruse the companies we work for to use “greener” printing and supply companies. We have the power to create designs that inform others about being green, and why we want to take care of our environment. One of the most important things to remember is to always create a well-thought out design. Be sure to ask yourself if what your making is really necessary. If the design misses the target audience, than it will be replaced more quickly and more resources will have to be wasted.


Here is a list of Eco-friendly paper companies you must check out, from the website, Celery Design Collaborative. This list consists of how recyclable the paper is, the certifications it has, how it’s processed, and what weight it has, along with what it’s used for.

There is also a Sustainability Scorecard, which rates different types of papers, plastic, inks, and binary in three categories: Source, Energy, Destiny. Each one is rated as either Approved, Caution, or Avoid. This is very general but serves to point us in the right direction of what kinds of materials we should be considering.

On Another Note

I’m going to order this book, by Brain Dougherty called Green Graphic Design. I’ll let you all know how it is when I get done with it.


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